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Amenity Carehomes was founded in 2021 by two sisters Faith Paras and Sarah Xiong. Together, they opened their first RCFE home Comforts of Home Gavirate in Elk Grove, CA in October 2021. Together, with their experience in healthcare and business, they work together to bring comfort to their residents. 

Comforts of Home Gavirate is nestled in a quiet residential community and is walking distance to parks and shopping centers.

Our residents include elderly men and women who are 60 years old and over who needs supervision and guidance. Everyone is different and we try to make up the difference by providing the care that they need daily.

What is our Mission?

As we grow, our bodies change along with our ability to learn, talk and perform activities. When we get older, our abilities slows down and other changes occurs that are just part of the aging process. We are compassionate with our elderly and it is our mission to make the final stages of their life as satisfactory as possible. It is our desire to make sure they are cared for and assisted for with their needs. We treat all of our residents and their family as our own and we assure their stay is as comfortable as possible. 


Being a part of someone's life, even just at the end of their life, is one of the greatest honor. We are obliged to serve an dcare for our elder community and we strive to represent one of the best home and care this industry has to offer.

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